InstructorLilie Ferrari
TypeOnsite Course
DateApr 11, 2016
Time19:00 - 21:00
PlaceGolden Triangle, Norwich
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Ten two-hour classes

This screenwriting course is for you if you have already covered the basics of writing for TV series and serials. It’s a screenwriting course suitable for students who have already taken the Unthank School’s Writing TV Drama or who have some scriptwriting experience already.

Using a local soap opera idea developed in the Unthank School Writing TV Drama course, you will create scene breakdowns from story documents, and work through several drafts of a soap script to a final, workable draft.  A series bible is readily available for new students to get up to speed and begin to contribute.

Under the guidance of Lilie Ferrari and drawing from her many years of practical TV work, including her time as script editor, storyliner and script writer for Eastenders, you will work very much as a TV writer works. You will work to a brief as part of a team of collaborating writers and add to an ongoing and ever-developing story.

“I don’t think I have ever been on a course where progress was so super-charged. It was effective teaching and I have learnt and progressed enormously. Lilie herself, is warm and encouraging yet vigorous and honest, everything you need in a teacher. I couldn’t recommend her course highly enough. Do it!”
Belona Greenwood, Words and Women.

In this screenwriting workshop you will learn from each other’s scripts, share ideas and problems, and discover how to edit and refine your work. Our scriptwriting techniques can help galvanise that tricky opening scene, with writing believable dialogue, writing for actors to interpret, showing your characters in action, keeping the momentum going mid-script, juggling multiple storylines and building to your cliffhanger. You will learn everything about how to write a script for TV.

The skills that you will learn on this scriptwriting course are not entirely specific to writing soap opera but are applicable to all forms of popular drama and storytelling, including crime, comedy, historical and realist dramas.

The Advanced TV Workshop has a great atmosphere and convivial social element. Although we recognise that writing is hard work, we also stress that it’s enjoyable and rewarding in its own right, with this scriptwriting course in particular highlighting the fun that’s to be had in collaborative writing.

By the end of the course you should have a finished script that you can use as a sample of your work to show to agents and production companies; and you should also have acquired the confidence to take your scriptwriting further, wherever you want it to go.

The Unthank School of Writing is exploring ways in which we can get a soap opera made and in the future hope to be able to offer students the chance to have their scripts made for TV. Sign up to our mailing list if you want to be kept in the loop on this one, unless you see us on TV first.