TypeOnsite Course
DateApr 30, 2019 - Jul 2, 2019
Time19:00 - 21:00
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Have you ever finished reading a book and thought, I wish I’d written that, or even, I could have written that? Got a sock drawer full of stories you never dared show anyone? A head full of ideas you only ever confide to the dog?

If so, this is the creative writing course for beginners course for you. It’s a ten-week introduction for those new to creative writing or who would like to polish up their basic skills, anyone who needs some guidance to help getting started with writing.

How does it work?

Using a mixture of readings, practical exercises and discussion, participants in this writing workshop learn all about the basics of writing compelling and publishable fiction. The aim is to have a complete short story to show by the end the course.

Attention is given to both the big issues, like structure and tone, and the little things like how to write the perfectly weighted, dramatic sentence. There are individual sessions that examine, all from the writer’s point of view, plot, structure, character, style, point of view, setting, dialogue and editing. We’ll also give you plenty of grounding in how to start to think like a writer, keep observational and reflective journals, gather and grow ideas into stories, how to research and how to manage your time and fit your writing around the rest of your life.

In an early session, members of this creative writing group will be able to share their favourite passages from their favourite books or stories. This gives us an idea of what you like as reader and perhaps what you would like to achieve as a writer. We will also be introducing you to a wide range of different texts, ideas and examples. You may be unfamiliar with but they will help to broaden your writer’s palette as you learn to read as a writer as well as a consumer of fictions.

What’s the aim?

Throughout the course, you will be gently encouraged to complete a short story of around 1000 words by the end of the session. You can use the course to write one story throughout, gradually honing it as we add different topics to the discussion, or you can experiment and produce a story right at the end.

The class takes place in a warm, convivial and social atmosphere in which we try to help you find out what sort of writer you are and make those first steps towards finding your own vision and voice. You’ll also be able to participate in the wider world of the Unthank School and meet other students and tutors at our events and book launches. Many of our Introduction students have gone on to join Advanced Workshops and Writing the Novel.

All Introduction students will be eligible to read at the special Unthank School Project U event and submit to UnVeiled, the forthcoming journal just for Unthank School students.

Who is it for?

Suitable for beginning writers and those with a little experience, the Introduction to Writing Fiction is a great place to start for people who have always fancied writing but have never had the confidence to start. It’s similarly a good refresher for those who may have tried their hand before but have lost the habit or would like a jump-start form a professional tutor and experienced writer.

How to sign up

Booking your place on an Unthank School writing course is quick and easy. To sign up for An Introduction to Writing Fiction, click ‘Book Your Place’ at the top of this page and enter your details on the following screen. Payments are processed securely via PayPal. If you choose to pay later, you will need to do so before the course start date.

After you have created an account with us, your tutor will be in touch (usually within 24 hours) to confirm your place on the course and welcome you to the Unthank School.