InstructorTom Vowler
TypeOnline Course
DateApr 28, 2019 - Jul 14, 2019
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  • An online short story workshop for writers with some experience (intermediate to advanced)
  • Get regular feedback on your work-in-progress from your tutor and other group members
  • Enjoy on-going, lively discussions with other writers
  • Get personalised advice and suggestions from an established creative writing tutor, published author
  • Develop your writing over the course of a three-month online workshop
  • Start new short stories or finish your final edits: we can help whatever stage you’re at
  • 3-month immersion into your writing project, guided by an expert

This online short story workshop is designed for writers with some experience, who have taken the Short Story Masterclass or an introductory prose fiction course of some kind. It is designed for writers who would like to work on a longer project with the support of a group of fellow authors and experienced tutor, Tom Vowler.

Replicating the format of our successful classroom-based Advanced Fiction Workshop, students of this online workshop will regularly upload 2000-word extracts from fictions in progress to an online forum.

At the start of the week, you will receive feedback from other group members. After this discussion, tutor feedback, ideas and tips are posted, followed by a group discussion of any issues that have arisen. At the start of the course, you are provided with a schedule, so everyone knows well in advance when they are supposed to be submitting their extracts for feedback and discussion.

Who is it for?

The Short Story Workshop is open to writers of short stories in any genre or style, be they traditional or modern. Perhaps you are putting a collection together, or are just beginning that journey. Our whole approach is to recognise what you are trying to do with your writing and help you achieve it. We always keep in mind what stage you are at, whether you are trying to find your story from scratch, or vigorously editing a final draft.

We will discuss wider issues of style, voice, characterisation, structure, pace, language… but do so in direct response to your work rather than by reference to set texts or any theory of what literature is supposed or not supposed to be. We encourage brainstorming, cross-fertilisation and learning from each other.

This online writing group is a great place to experiment and grow your writing, and to edit and polish final-draft work. The aim of the course is to help you discover what sort of writer you are and to help you edit your ideas up to a publishable standard.

Complete fiction on this online writing course will be considered for forthcoming issues of Unthology, and for a discount on all Unthank Books publications.

It’s easy to book your place

Signing up for an Unthank School course takes seconds. To book your place on the Short Story Workshop, click ‘Book Your Place’ at the top of this page and enter your details on the following screen. Payments are processed securely via PayPal.

After you have created an account, your tutor will contact you to confirm your place on the course and answer any questions you may have about the online writing course. You will also be provided with a link to Unthank’s online learning environment.