The Unthank School aims to help new writers achieve what they want to achieve, whether that’s to start writing by means of experiment and play, or to finish a long-worked novel or project. Our approach is student-centred and eclectic. We work out what you want for your writing and work with you to attain it, whatever your idea or genre. The most important thing to us is the writing itself and the process by which you shape it. We will not burden you with the unnecessary self-appraisals common in university creative writing courses. Neither do we grade work-in-progress as we feel this is adds extra pressure onto new writers. All we want is to help you find your voice and finish your projects.


Our creative writing classes and online creative writing courses offer a friendly, sociable and intimate alternative to what often can be a lonely and dispiriting solo journey. Both our classroom and online creative writing courses have a reputation for being relaxed and fun as well as rigorous and focused. Many of our writers have started to see their work in print and we have a lot of contacts and ideas about who to approach with your work when it’s ready. We also have our own anthology Unveiled for our students. Some of our students have also had a story published in Unthology. We believe that talking about reading and writing is exciting and stimulating, the best way to spend an evening.


We have all written successful books, short fiction and essays, and some of us have edited anthologies and collections. We love to share our knowledge and experience and are approachable, available and have tested, practical creative writing techniques to share with you.

We have a wealth of experience as practising writers, editors and university lecturers. We believe that writing and talking about writing should be exciting and energising, not an ordeal. As such, we aim to provide a lively, unpretentious place for you to learn, socialise and meet other writers of all stripes.

Ashley Stokes

Georgina Parfitt

Tom Vowler

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Sarah Dobbs


We are related to Unthank Books, one of Britain’s most exciting independent publishers.

This connects the Unthank School to a nationwide, freethinking literary community. Several of our students have placed their fiction in Unthank’s Unthology series of short fiction compilations and did so on merit. All Unthank School students will be eligible to submit their work to UnVeiled, a forthcoming series that will showcase the writing developed by the Unthank School.

We also hold a quarterly reading event in Norwich, Project U, one of which a year is dedicated to students of the Unthank School.

Our simple aim to help you improve your writing one step at a time.
We achieve this by providing the quality of a university creative writing course at a fraction of the cost.

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