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Welcome to the Unthank School of Writing

Maybe you’ve always had a desire to write but never knew where to start. Maybe you haven’t written since school, or you’re going back to that novel you hid in a drawer and tried to forget about. Perhaps you see the world as a series of stories or scenes from a film but have never had the confidence to write. Or maybe you’ve been writing on your own for a while and could use some helpful advice and honest feedback. Whatever your history, the Unthank School has a creative writing group that can help you explore your creative potential in a friendly and supportive environment.

Staffed only by published writers and professional tutors, we are an independent school that offers the depth and quality of a university course at a fraction of the cost. Our creative writing programme offers a range of affordable, accessible writing workshops that are suited to both the outright beginner looking to join a creative writing group, and the experienced writer working towards that final draft. Available both as evening classes and online courses that you can fit around your busy schedule, we provide introductory tasters as well as advanced creative writing workshops where writing groups can share and discuss work-in-progress in a convivial and sympathetic atmosphere. We have longer courses for novelists and an online course that specializes in historical fiction. For script and screenwriting, we have courses both in soaps and serials, at introductory and advanced workshop level, and an online course in film scriptwriting.

Our tutors have a wealth of practical and industry experience, all being published and acclaimed writers, professional editors and university lecturers. We can help you achieve what you want to achieve from your writing, whether it’s to experiment and play, complete a commercial blockbuster, produce soap opera episodes as part of a team or compose a literary or unusual novel.

Our first step is always to work out what you want to achieve. Are you still working out what you want to say, or are you polishing up a final draft to impress an agent? Are you working in a distinct and specific genre, like fantasy or crime, or are you going off somewhere on your own? Are you better suited to the novel or the short story? We can help you decide.

Whatever it is that you need, we will always work outwards from what you want to do. We have no other artistic agenda beyond that you achieve your aims and enjoy your writing and your time with us.

Writing is a way of life and a state of mind. We are here to help you negotiate your way through and find your voice and your vision.

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