Writing for Wellbeing is a short and friendly course for those wanting to add the healing properties of writing to their daily life.

Over six weeks, we provide a safe space to write, play, and share. We meet online for a two-hour live chat, and continue to share work and thoughts through the week on Unthank’s dedicated writers’ forum.

Each week we will share and discuss our own writing, read published work that helps us think about our own practice, use meditation, writing exercises, and playing to build confidence and gain clarity over our own narratives.

Whether you want to write a memoir, a novel, or a breakup text, we can support you in finding your voice.

Writing for Wellbeing will help you enjoy writing for itself and what it can do for your peace of mind and emotional process. It’s also a gateway to writing as a state of mind, writing as part of a community and as a member of the Unthank School.

Starts 9th March 2020. Only £99. For more information about the course and Georgina or to enrol, click here. If you have any questions or queries, email us on enquiries@unthankschool.com.